About LE

 About Me

Hi, I’m Louise Evans, a secondary school Biology & Maths teacher (and now chief blogger here at living energetically) from a small corner of South Wales.I have a passion for baking, cooking, photography and trying to live as healthy a life as possible. Living Energetically is my blog and the goals is to share the recipes and fitness tips I’ve picked up over the years.


My Story

I’ve always been fairly active, until I went to University where the general napping, tv marathons, chicken nuggets and beans stereotype kicked in. After my first year in University I’d put on 2 stone and become the poster girl for being unfit. I realised something had to change! Over the next few years I got my bum back in the gym and learned how to cook. Slowly but surely the weight dropped off, and I became much fitter, healthier and happier! These days I train 4-5 days a week, love protein and avoid sugar as much as possible! The purpose of this blog is to share recipes, tips and ticks that I’ve learned on my journey and hopefully help anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Cooking, Baking & Fitness

I’ve been a keen baker for years; cooking on the other hand was never my strong point, especially since my Dad had always been chef in my house.  Now I can not get enough of cooking. I love trying to create healthy recipes and feeding my body the nutrients it needs to be at it’s best. Nothing beats a home cooked meal that is tasty and guilt-free!

More recently I’ve also started developing healthy bakes. Clean eating and baking are not words usually associated with each other but I am trying to change that. I never wanted to sacrifice my love for baking in order to life a healthy life style, so I work hard to develop healthy bakes which don’t compromise on flavour. Many of the bakes are refined sugar free, gluten free and/or paleo friendly, but for all you bakers looking for a little indulgence don’t worry, occasionally there are some bakes which will give your sweet tooth a toothache!

In terms of fitness I have been both a cardio addict and a weights queen; now I’m a somewhere in between. I work with my incredible personal trainer Matthew once a week, which is when I do my heaviest weights. Technique is really important with weight training and he always keeps me right. He’s also gives me a program for the rest of the week and plenty of tips on nutrition. Between his advice and my own personal experience with fitness over the last 5 years, I’m now the fittest I’ve ever been. Although the blog mainly revolves around food and nutrition, some posts contain some tips and programs I’ve picked up over the years.


So I hope you enjoy wandering around Living Energetically and find your new favourite recipes and tips to live a more a more energetic life. A lot of people associate the word energy with 5 year old who’ve had too many E numbers, but trust me having lots of energy will change your life, especially happy energy!

Healthy eating + Water + Exercise + Sleep = Happy Energy!

Live by this equation and you won’t go wrong!

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Good Luck! and feel free to contact me with any questions and comments.

Energetically yours,




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