Easter Rice Crispy Cakes with Mini Eggs

IMG_0800.JPGSo even if you are a bit of a baking novice I bet I can guess the first thing you made as a child (probably even one of the only cakes you made as a child). Yes that’s right rice crispy cakes. These chocolate covered delights were the most simple yet completely delicious cakes to make and involved basically no baking what so ever. With Easter weekend this weekend I knew I had to share these equally easy and delicious refined sugar free version.

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Let’s Talk About… Food Prep

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 09.51.20.png

The last few weeks I’ve started sharing some of my Sunday Food Prep pictures with you and I’ve had some lovely comments and messages about them!! I’ve also had some questions about how I feed prep and some tips and tricks on how to prep your food to help you stay as healthy as possible. Which is why I wanted to use this month to share with you some of my favourite food prep tips and give you a copy of my weekly food planner!

Let’s talk about… Food Prep! 

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