March Favourites

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 20.36.26.pngYou remember how I said February flew by? Well March certainly made up for it!! This has felt like the longest month ever but completely jam packed! I feel like I haven’t had a minute (hence why my recipes have been a bit few and far between recently!) It is now nearly over though, and it addition to being able to assure you that there are more recipes on the way in April, it also means it’s time to update you all with all my favourites from this month! Here are my March Favourites!

lamo‘Jake’ Tripod Table Light at Debenhams (£80)

Last month I mentioned I’d been spending plenty of time in Ikea while redecorating my room. This month it’s finally finished!!! Which meant all the finishing touched could be put in and I am obsessed with my new table light!! I love copper accessories and this copper trimmed tripod goes perfectly in my newly redecorated room. I also couldn’t get over how many fabulous lights they had to offer!

kygo.jpgIt Ain’t Me by The Kygo & Selena Gomez (£0.59)

Okay so my usual music taste is a bit more rock based/ alternative than this , but I am a total sucker for a good party tune. Every time I here this I want to go out dancing. After a few nights out in March and a couple more planned for April (It is my Birthday next month after all!) I can’t get enough of this song.


gap 360.jpgGap 360 Travel Company (Prices Vary)

Exciting News!! This month I’ve booked some summer adventures in Vietnam and Thailand. I’ve always wanted to do some traveling alone but have always been a bit of a chicken! So I decided to book my trip with Gap 360. They are a travel company who specialise in gap year trips for individuals and small groups who want to join with other people traveling alone. Although I’m only going for around a month (not sure I quite have a gap year to spare!!) the company have the most amazing trips (long and short) and have been so helpful. Their team are so friendly and provide any information you need to know. If you’re thinking of booking a trip alone so far I can’t recommend them enough!

HappyHappy by Fearne Cotton (RRP £16.99)

I have always been a fan of Fearne Cotton but when I first heard about this book back in August at the Big Festival I can’t say I was sold, possibly because I felt I didn’t think I landed anywhere on the depression spectrum. I’ve realised recently though (and especially since reading her words) that sometimes we all need a little nudge to remind us to find joy in simple everyday moments instead of waiting for some kind of magical land called Happiness to appear. The book is also too beautiful! The illustrations drawn by Fearne herself are simply stunning and are enough to make you feel that little bit happier. If you’ve ever felt you need a little encouragement to find happiness in the simple things and not let the big things get on top of you then I urge you to give this a read.

chocolateLoving Earth Chocolate ‘Bars’ (£3.99 for 45g)

I’ve loved Loving Earth’s Chocolate for a while now. They use things like coconut nectar to sweeten their chocolate and it is completely delicious! This month however they’ve started stocking their Chocolate ‘Bars’ (not to be confused with their normal chocolate bars!!!) in a healthy food retailer near me. I was too excited to try some of these and they did not disappoint! Their ‘Bar’ flavours are more decedent than their average chocolate with flavours such as salted caramel and turkish delight! My favourite so far has been the Banoffee Bang Bang with toasty, crunchy buckwheat inside!

taPukka Wild Apple & Cinnamon Tea (£2.49 for 20 bags)

Okay so this tea is definitely not a new one, and I’m probably discovering this apple and cinnamon based tea at the wrong time of year (this tea definitely reminds me of the depths of Autumn and Winter) but I can not get enough of this tea this month. Warning you must like cinnamon to like this tea!! But if you tea it is so sweet and delicious, and perfect for something to trick a sweet craving!



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