Paprika Three Bean Stew

3BS4.jpgI have a question for some of you? Have you ever tried eating vegan? When was the last time you even had a main meal which was totally vegan? I must admit, had you asked me this question a year ago I probably could not have told you. I literally eat meat or animal products with just about every meal, however now and again it is good to give your body and digestive system a bit of a break. Don’t get me wrong I am still a fairly firm carnivore most days, but now and again it’s good to have a day off (or even just a meal off!). So if you’re looking for a new meal to try on a meatless Monday (or looking for a good place to start) then this is a delicious recipe to try. This is my Paprika Three Bean Stew.

This stew is a delicious main meal and is really warming during the cold spell we’re having at the minute. It is jam packed with protein rich beans and so you’re still getting plenty of protein and a big fibre hit. If I can’t completely sway you to try this tasty plant based meal, then it also makes a delicious side dish to have with fish or chicken. I also often make a huge batch of it on Saturday and eat it with different veggie based salads throughout the week. And it freezes well too so you’ve always got something healthy on hand.

3BS2.jpgLike I say it is vegan and vegetarian friendly as well as being gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and sugar-free. This means it’s pretty much perfect for everyone. It also helps that it’s completely delicious.

Happy Stewing!


Serves: 4-6          Time: 50 minutes          Difficulty: Easy


  • 1 Tsp of Avocado Oil
  • 1 Onion (Diced)
  • 2 Carrots (Finely Chopped)
  • 1 Red Chilli (Chopped)
  • 4 Garlic Cloves (Crushed)
  • 2 Large Red Bell Pepper (Sliced)
  • 1 x 400g Can of Chopped Tomatoes
  • 4 Tbsp of Tomato Paste
  • 1 ½ Tsp of Paprika
  • 1 x 400g can of Cannellini Beans
  • 1 x 400g can of Butter Beans
  • 1 x 400g can of Borlotti Beans


  1. Heat the oil in a large saucepan, and add the carrots and onion. Cook for around 5 minutes, stirring regularly, until the onions become translucent.
  2. Add the garlic and chilli and cook for a further minute, stirring often.
  3. Add the pepper and cook for a further minute, stirring often.
  4. Add the chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, paprika and ½ a Cup of Water, and bring to a simmer.
  5. Allow to simmer for around 20-30 minutes until most of the liquid has reduced.
  6. Add the beans and cook for a further 10 minutes until warmed through.


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