February Favourites

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 17.58.01.pngSo I blinked and February was gone? Where did that month go? I’ve been super busy this month with re-decorating and it’s meant the month has just disappeared! However onwards and upwards as they say, as it now means the summer is fast approaching! Yay! The nights and mornings are getting lighter and the winter chill is slowly starting to disappear. Despite an absolute hectic month it doesn’t mean I don’t have some fabulous February Favourites to share with you!

emailbanner-thejshprogram-avail-now-smallJessica Sepel’s ‘The Program’ ($149* AUD)

This program is a life changer. Jessica Sepel is a experienced nutritionist and health coach who has released this incredible 8 week program.

The JSHealth Program is for anyone who’s ever struggled to find balance with food and their weight. It’s for those who have tried dieting to no avail, and those who have gotten caught up in the toxic cycle of stress and emotional eating. It’s also for people who are doing all the ‘right’ things, but not seeing a difference.

*As a JSHealth Girl I can offer you an exclusive discount code!! Use the code JSHEALTH25 to receive $25 AUD off the regular price, making the 8 week course only $124 AUD, which is roughly around £77 (which is just £8.50 a week when you include the ‘Prep week’). coldplay

Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay (£0.99)

I am such a HUGE Coldplay fan!!! And recently the Chainsmokers have released so many catchy tunes. This combo meant I was probably always going to love this song and I certainly do. If you haven’t had a chance to give it a listen then please do!

ikeaMUNSPIT Fruit Snack at IKEA (£0.99)

As I said in the intro I’ve been busy this month redecorating which can only mean one thing- multiple trips to IKEA!! These Fruit snacks have been a life saver. When I first gave up sugar the thing I missed most was sweets and these are such a good alternative. They come in 2 tasty flavours and are naturally sweetened with fruit juice and although I don’t recommend them as a daily snack as a treat now and again they are delish!! ella

Deliciously Ella with Friends by Ella Woodward (RRP £25)

So Ella is basically one of the queens of the clean eating revolution. Her plant based diet has changed the way many look at food (especially vegetarian food) and the eagerly anticipated 3rd book from the best-selling author has definitely been worth the wait! The book is new and exciting in the way it lays out it’s dishes. Helping you plan occasions as well as day to day meals. I love it!

paiPai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (£28 for 100ml)

The cleanser is an absolute dream. It is literally so creamy and gentle, and smells soooo good. I have super sensitive skin and this cleanser feels so nice on my skin. Despite being so soft and gentle it still get’s eye make up off without a problem. It’s also alcohol & detergent free and vegan and comes with a handy dual effect sensitive skin cloth.

spirulinaFunktional Foods range now at ALDI (prices vary)

We all know some of our favourite superfoods can be a tad on the expensive side. Well Funktional foods are trying to change that and are now available at ALDI!! They’re range include Maca Powder, Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Cacao & a Green Superblend. Although they’re generally cheaper than some of their competitors they still put their foods through rigorous testing and ensure that they pay farmers and workers fairly. If your wanting to try some serious superfoods without the super price tag then this is a great way to start!!


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