Let’s Talk About… Christmas

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-22-01-03Ho Ho Ho! It’s finally December!!!! It’s finally the season of cheer, indulgence and being very merry! Every one is so happy and festive and instantly bursts into song anytime Mariah Carey comes on the radio! I love this time of year but it really is so easy to over do it! Between all the office parties, gathering with friends and of course the big day itself over-indulgence comes as part of the deal, but let’s be honest sometimes all this over indulgence and party mode can really take its toll.

My festive guide is basically a series of tips on how to make the holidays enjoyable without ruining your year of clean eating in 3 weeks! There’s also a couple of tips which will help make the holiday’s even more enjoyable (if that’s even possible). So here is my guide to surviving the party season and how to make the most of this fabulous time of the year!

Let’s talk about… Christmas! 

Stay Hydrated

This is a tip that is useful all year round but is especially important at this time of year! Hydration effects everything from your mood, to digestion, to your skin. 2 Litres a day is absolute minimum and even more if you’re drinking alcohol. I’m pretty sure it’s just about impossible to get through the festive season without some kind of monster hangover or serious food baby belly and this is absolutely when you should be sipping the H2O until you feel like you may pop!


Pick Your Top Nights (and go for it!)

I don’t know about you but my Christmas calendar is filling up daily! As a teacher, school holidays are always completely manic trying to fit in all the people we haven’t seen it during term time and when you throw an excuse like Christmas in the mix every night is an excuse for a get together. The problem is this means more food, more drink and less sleep. These are all a recipe for weight gain, bloating, bad skin and lifeless hair (and who wants that when your next social gathering could be a mere 24 hours away)! So please fully indulge because let’s be honest what other time of year is it perfectly acceptable to eat mince pies 20 minutes after a full roast dinners? It’s part of the fun but just chose a few nights where maybe you can be slightly healthier, and a few where you can just let your hair down and enjoy!


Take Some ‘Me’ Time

Christmas is all about sharing it with family and friends but that does’t mean you should run yourself into the ground trying to run around and please everyone else. Christmas is such a fun time of year but can also be quite stressful. Between trying to fit everything in, sort out all your gifts and ensuring just about every corner of every cupboard is stocked with food, sometimes it can all just become a bit much and we end up spreading ourselves way to this. Whether you take 10 minutes for yourself everyday or put aside aside an hour every few days to just unwind. Take a bath or read a book, be a little bit selfish and tell other people no for just 10 minutes. In the long run you’ll be a happier, calmer and more energised you ready to do battle with the festivities.


Don’t Vegetate

Hands up I can be so guilty of this over the holidays especially in the week between Christmas and New Year but it is definitely not the way forward, especially if your eating more. I’m not talking about a tripping in sweat workout everyday but even just getting out for a brisk walk or some light yoga will make you feel so much better than making a permanent bum print on the sofa.


Try Some Substitutes

There are so many amazing foods to eat at Christmas but if we ate them all then we may be rolling into New Year. There are so many healthier alternatives to some of our favourite foods which is not only a healthier alternative to your fave but also completely satisfying! Why not try these healthier Ferrero Rochers, Yorkshire Puddings, Peanut Butter Cups, Advent Calendar, Custard Tarts or Mince Pies!



This is my final point and kind of leads on from my ‘pick your top nights’ point. It’s so easy to let an indulgent day with no sleep and little gym make us feel a little bit guilty, but guess what we are totally human! Embrace the Christmas holidays and enjoy it! Don’t spend the next few days obsessing, feeling guilty or even worse letting it turn into a whole week of over indulging. Make sure you don’t spend the entire holiday obsessing about what you’re eating or doing. Don’t get me wrong you shouldn’t spend the entire holidays stuffing your face undoing all your clean eating good from the rest of the year, but at the same time ‘it’s Christmas’ and as we say in Wales go and Joio!

Happy Christmas!


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