Healthy Mocktails/ Cocktails: Turkish Delight Fizz, Pina Colada & Mango & Raspberry Coconut Water

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASummer has finally arrived!! Schools are out and the sun has finally made an appearance (well some of the time)!! It is officially the season for lying out in the sun, reading trashy books, BBQ’s with friends and family and making mad dashes to the beach at the first sign of a sunny day. Of course each of these activities requires one sunny accessory – A Perfect Cooling Mocktail (but if you add alcohol don’t worry, we won’t tell!!)

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Kick Up The Hump (Day)

So this weeks Kick Up the Hump is slightly different! I found this picture a few weeks ago and LOVED it! But didn’t think it was very Kick up the Hump so haven’t used it. Today however it feels like the perfect post. Today for those of you who don’t know is the last day of the school year which only means 1 thing – 6 uninterrupted weeks of glorious summer holidays! I am very sorry to brag and I’m sure there are many of you cursing us teachers right now! I promise to use the time effectively and bring you plenty of beautiful recipes to make up for it!
So this kick up the hump is a promise to use every day to it’s best and to remind you to do the same! Every day has the potential to be brilliant you just need to make it that way.

Happy Hump Day!!

KUTH 31 (etsy)
Photo Credit: Etsy

‘Fish & Chips’ – Asian Spiced Cod with Sweet Potato Chips

IMG_4714.JPGThis is a very tasty twist on a classic British dish! I must admit I have never been a huge fish lover; it’s been on my ‘learn to like’ list for years but I’ve never quite managed it. I’ve tried curries, marinades, fishcakes and just about any twist on a fish dish I can manage to learn to like fish but it has definitely been one of my trickiest food foes. This dish however has changed all that!
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Paleo Sweet Potato Nachos (with optional Mexican Chicken)

IMG_0392.jpegThat’s right Wales have done it!! They are through to the semi-finals of the Euro’s 2016! The Welsh football team have had a tough few years with plenty of up’s and down’s which is why this semi-final is so special! All of Wales is buzzing and the entire country is being painted red for tomorrow nights game! Everyone is behind the boys and planning where to watch the game (I think there will be a few sore heads in work on Thursday win or lose!) And with all this planning of course we need some food! What better food is there for a football game then a massive bowl of nachos?
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