Kick Up The Hump (Day)

Hello, Hello! Let me begin for apologising for being completely MIA recently! I’ve been away and although I had every intention of being very organised and having all my Kick Up the Humps ready to go with out me, but a million and one things came up. Between that and terrible wifi while away I’ve seriously been neglecting my weekly motivation posts!
I promise I am fully back and committed and you can look forward to some summer motivation and tasty recipes in the foreseeable future!!
So let’s get re-started with a look forward to the summer! The clocks have changed, the nights are lighter and the summer is well and truly on it’s way (we’re just waiting for the sun to get the memo and we can the summer underway!). All body types are beautiful but who wouldn’t love to be fit, healthy and happy ready for the summer! So let’s get the training on full steam ahead and fill up on fresh and yummy foods! 

Happy Hump Day!!

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