Kick Up The Hump (Day)

G’day folks! And so the first Wednesday in March is upon us. Yes that’s right … March!! Where is the year going??

The realisation that we are now in the 3rd month of the year has given me a serious kick up the hump! I’ll be lying by a pool next month and I thought I had ages left to keep working on my bikini body! Apparently not! Seriously people summer may feel like a distant dream but it really will be here before we know it!

Lately we’ve had a couple of more life motivating KUTH’s but today we are back to good old fashioned get your bum off the sofa and get to the gym kinda motivation! Seriously put your phone/ ipad/ laptop or which ever device you are reading this post on down and get your sweat on!! I know it’s a bit counterproductive on my part telling you to get off the blog but for today I will make an exception!!

I’m off to get my squat on! Happy Hump Day!

Photo Credit: FITNUZZ



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