Kick Up The Hump (Day)

Hi All, I hope everyone is doing well! To those of you who follow my weekly Kick up the Humps you may have read last week that I’ve been to Krakow, Poland recently (and thoroughly enjoyed I may add).

while we were there we decided to visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp which was definately one of the most interesting and humbling things I’ve ever done!


This week I wanted to honour my visit there with a quote from a Holocaust survivor. It’s not the usual style of motivation for Hump day but I felt that this quote is a beautiful one that needed to be shared.

So although it may not be as comical, fierce or as fitness orientaded, it’s definately the most important Kick Up the Hump posts we’ve ever had. Life is precious and we should take every opportuity we get, stand up for what is right and above all else in this intance ‘never forget’.

Happy (but humble) Hump Day!

Photo Credit: Soul Bridging           Quote: Viktor Frankl



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