Kick Up the Hump (Day)

We’ve nearly made it!!!!

At first I though we were flying through January but now I have completely changed my mind!! I mean how long ago does Christmas feel like? It’s been a long old gloomy January here in Wales and I cannot wait for February to make an appearance (especially since February also means 6 nations rugby!!!!). However more on that in the coming weeks!

Today we focus on getting through the final few days of January and reaching a point where we can successfully say that all the resolutions made on January 1st are no longer a phase or a fad but actually start to consider them a way of life!! They are now officially habits!

So here’s to saying goodbye to January and hello to new old habits! Bye-Bye to the days of eating rubbishy foods and skipping the gym and hello pre-preparing healthy meals and attacking that 6.30am spin class like a pro!

I thought todays KUTH needed to be a more light hearted one after the long gloomy January! Although I’m not entirely sure what motivation it gives I certainly got a bit of a chuckle out of it! And to anyone who does not read that quote in the Joker voice you’re doing it wrong (and to anyone who has never seen the Dark Knight to know what the joker sounds like then you are failing at life and should spend the final few days of January ensuring you watch it!). Le’s get to February together! Happy Hump Day!

KUTH 13.jpg
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