Recommended Reading – Books & Blogs to Help you Live Sugar-Free

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 01.00.33.pngOne of the best ways to live sugar free is to get advice from other people. Usually people who have been doing this longer than you have. It’s a great way to pick up tips and tricks and usually the best way to get new recipes (Hint Hint!). So although this is slightly unorthodox to be trying to send you else where, I’d like to think that the whole point of sharing your own healthy recipes is for other people to live as healthy as possible. Since this is the goal of Living Energetically, to get you to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle I’d rather you did this with numerous places to go then not give it a go at all.
So here are some of my favourite books and blogs which helped me when I first started (and still give me a little help now and again).

Madeleine Shaw

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This woman is like the queen of healthy living and is a poster child for sugar free. She’s a nutritionist who turned her lifestyle around and now wants to help other people do same. Her blog is ram packed with fabulous recipes, videos and blog posts. Her goal? To help people get their ‘glow’; a fabulous glow that only comes with being happy from living a healthy lifestyle. She also has a delightful following of celebrity clients from rugby players to models. She also has a book all about how to ‘get the glow’. It has some of my favourite recipes and was one of the first books I used to cut down my sugar intake.

As if this wasn’t enough Madeleine has also recently launched a ‘Glow’ app. Finally she also has a new book out soon which is already on my amazon pre-order!
Madeleine Shaw Blog –
Book – Get the Glow (Amazon Link) 

Davina McCall 
2FBE26FE00000578-3390292-The_presenter_recently_showed_off_her_rock_hard_abs_in_a_picture-a-48_1452261530340I’m going to be truthful it isn’t until recently that I started to take an interest in Davina’s work. I’ve always just thought of her as a good tv presenter who’s lived an eventful life. More recently however she has been at the forefront of a campaign to promote sugar free. Her book ‘5  weeks to sugar free’ is very relatable and describes how many of us feel towards sugar. She shares some of her favourite recipes including some really useful sauce recipes – something which is difficult to replace when living sugar-free.
Also if you’ve seen her killer 6-pack photos from a recent holiday I’m not sure you need any other motivation to follow her advice!
Book – Davina’s 5 Weeks To Sugar-Free (Amazon Link) 

Sugar-Free Mom

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Sugar-Free Mom is a brand set up by Brenda; a doting mother and sugar-free promoter. In her book she explain how after a lifetime of yo-yo dieting she decided to start living sugar-free and has never looked back. She is crazy about her kids and due to her sons allergy ensures her recipes are suitable for him. Due to this her blog and books are particularly useful for any one with additional dietary requirements.

Blog –

Book – Sugar-free Mom (Amazon Link)

A Big Man’s World

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Meet Arman. He seems a fairly normal guy who has a passion for fitness and paleo foods. He has a huge range of recipes, many of which are not only sugar-free but also paleo, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian. Be careful when wandering his blog as not all his recipe’s are sugar-free but many of them are refined sugar-free. He’s particularly good at baked and sweat treats.
Blog –

Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind 

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CEWADM is the brain child of Venessa. She is a paleo baking pro! I had her book for Christmas and it includes so many amazing bakes many of which are sugar-free. Once again she is a paleo follower and so some of her recipes do include sugar but none of it is refined. Her book literally contains HUNDREDS of baking recipes showing that sugar-free does not need to mean nothing baked.
Blog –

Book – Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind (Amazon Link)

This is one of those blog posts that never end as I’m constantly coming across new inspirations and will continue to add them as i go along. I hope some of these are of use to you and if they help you towards a more sugar-free life then it’s definitely worth sharing!

Happy Friday!


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