Kick Up The Hump

 Can you believe it’s the second Wednesday in December already??? And even more importantly can you believe after today there’s only 2 Wednesday left until Christmas!!!

I have seen a very dramatic decline in gym goers over the last few weeks (December has that affect on people) and I’m sure if you’ve had as many things on over Christmas as I have, many people are probably starting to struggle with the clean eating. So todays Kick Up The Hump is as important as ever. I am all for relaxing a bit over Christmas but it’s not quite time to give up the gym just yet. There is at least one more Kick to come before I let you start relaxing for the holidays! Even if you have started to relax a bit too much already this festive season it isn’t too late to have a few more good days before all chaos breaks loose for Christmas Day!

So put down the mulled wine and step away from the cheese! Keep clean and Happy Hump Day!!


imageCredit: Jamie Lynn Wells on Tumblr


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