Kick Up The Hump

Ho, Ho, Ho, Happy Hump Day!!The festive season is finally here!

So to kick off Decembers Hump Days I though I would introduce a more light hearted ‘Kick Up The Hump’. So far they have been quite a serious form of motivation, but I think it’s about time for a slightly more comical inspiration. This is where Simba comes in. I love this photo! I’m a bit biased as a huge Disney fan but I think it shows a more fun side to training and eating healthy. The look on the cartoon lions face pretty much sums up how happy it feels to reach any targets you’ve set!

So today’s message is keep going.. and one day you too can be as happy as a disney lion cub #hakunamatata ! (I told you today’s #kickupthehump was a light hearted one!)

Happy Hump Day!


Credit: @ironandemotion (instagram)


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