Leftover Thai Turkey Curry

TTC 8Well that’s it folks! Christmas has come and gone for another year. I hope you all had a fabulous day with friends and family and that Santa brought you everything you wanted. I’ve had the most relaxing Christmas ever, surrounded by family. I’m not usually one for a soppy comment but I truly have felt so lucky this Christmas, with my amazing family, brilliant friends and colleagues, and my warm and safe house. There have been so many life-altering and world-shattering events in the last few months of 2015 and luckily I can say that myself and the ones I love have not been directly affected. I got to spent Christmas with them in my beautiful home which makes me far luckier than many, and to all those who have had a turbulent 2015 or Christmas time I hope that 2016 is a happier one. Continue reading “Leftover Thai Turkey Curry”


Grain-Free Yorkshire Pudding

GFYP 3I love Yorkshire Puddings!! These have always been my absolute favourite part of any Roast Dinner. But since I started clean eating I haven’t had a single Yorkshire pudding. I’ve had a couple of dinners but always omitted my previous favourite part. This time however it is CHRISTMAS!! We all need a treat now and again, and let’s be honest Christmas is the time to do it!! I still didn’t want to eat flour though and decided to try and find a Paleo alternative to develop and share with you. Since it is Christmas and I don’t live a completely paleo lifestyle I made mine with butter. But they can be made with Coconut oil if you are strictly Paleo. Continue reading “Grain-Free Yorkshire Pudding”

Winter Berry Custard Tart

WBT 9Nadolig Llawen!! (Merry Christmas in Welsh). I hope you have all had a fabulous day. Mine has been one of the best. As a family we have had a lovely chilled out day with one of the best Christmas dinners we’ve ever had (The Evans’ outdid themselves this year (Mainly Father Evans (Thanks Dad!))). Continue reading “Winter Berry Custard Tart”

Kick Up The Hump (Day)

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, We Wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year”

Yes that’s right folks the Big Day is nearly upon us! Just 2 more sleeps until Santa comes! Now I hope you didn’t think that just because it’s Christmas you would get a week off ‘Kick Up The Hump’??

But don’t panic I am not completely evil, this weeks KUTH is slightly more festive, because it is Christmas after all. So basically if you are going to have a couple of cheat days this is the time to do it! So eat, drink and be Merry just try not to eat the entire box of Milk Tray (Christmas is about sharing after all!) And remember Santa only brings presents to good girls & boys!

Following the big day there will be plenty of recipes to look forward too! So if you’re still in the mood for something sweet or looking for a good way to use up the left over Turkey, check back in a couple of days for some updates.

Happy Christmas Everyone!


Credit: Unknown (Please get in touch if you are the owner of this photo to receive full credit)

Kick Up The Hump (Day)

It’s nearly Friday!!!!!!!! And not just any Friday… The last Friday of term!! To anyone who is lucky enough to finish work this Friday for Christmas I hope you are as excited as I am, and I’m sure that this Hump day is extra Humpalicious!! This is it, the last real Hump day of 2015 (Sorry to anyone who is working the next few weeks!!) But don’t worry, just because there are no more working Hump days, there will still be “Kick Up The Hump” Days.

Today’s post is starting to take into account that the Festive season is upon us and many people will maybe not quite as angelic as they should be at this time of year. With all the party’s, family get togethers and lazy nights is front of the tv, I’m sure for many the gym and clean eating has taken a bit of a back seat (but hopefully not out the car altogether!!). So even if your progress has come become a bit slow motion, I want to remind you that even slow progress is progress. Celebrate all the little wins as opposed to concentrating on the days you’ve missed. If you went to the gym (even if was only once this week) you still went! If you drank a bit too much at this weekends Christmas party, don’t let it roll over to Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Yes Progress may be a slow this time of year, but any time you practice a bit of will power you have made progress!

So enjoy the final few days in work and Happy Hump Day!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 22.08.14Credit: Gymaholic

Pesto Chicken

PC 6It’s Christmas time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it’s safe to say I am excited!! The tree is up, the fairy lights are on & my classroom is pimped out in tinsel! Let me tell you December has already been completely manic with Christmas festivities! By Sunday (13th) I will be already have attended 4 Christmas parties, taken part in 1 school
fair, made 90 Christmas cards, baked 2 gingerbread houses and bought and wrapped everyone’s Christmas presents (As long as Saturdays 9am shopping spree goes well). Short of giving up sleep (which is not going to happen) there is very little time to fit much more in!! Continue reading “Pesto Chicken”

Kick Up The Hump

 Can you believe it’s the second Wednesday in December already??? And even more importantly can you believe after today there’s only 2 Wednesday left until Christmas!!!

I have seen a very dramatic decline in gym goers over the last few weeks (December has that affect on people) and I’m sure if you’ve had as many things on over Christmas as I have, many people are probably starting to struggle with the clean eating. So todays Kick Up The Hump is as important as ever. I am all for relaxing a bit over Christmas but it’s not quite time to give up the gym just yet. There is at least one more Kick to come before I let you start relaxing for the holidays! Even if you have started to relax a bit too much already this festive season it isn’t too late to have a few more good days before all chaos breaks loose for Christmas Day!

So put down the mulled wine and step away from the cheese! Keep clean and Happy Hump Day!!


imageCredit: Jamie Lynn Wells on Tumblr

Kick Up The Hump

Ho, Ho, Ho, Happy Hump Day!!The festive season is finally here!

So to kick off Decembers Hump Days I though I would introduce a more light hearted ‘Kick Up The Hump’. So far they have been quite a serious form of motivation, but I think it’s about time for a slightly more comical inspiration. This is where Simba comes in. I love this photo! I’m a bit biased as a huge Disney fan but I think it shows a more fun side to training and eating healthy. The look on the cartoon lions face pretty much sums up how happy it feels to reach any targets you’ve set!

So today’s message is keep going.. and one day you too can be as happy as a disney lion cub #hakunamatata ! (I told you today’s #kickupthehump was a light hearted one!)

Happy Hump Day!


Credit: @ironandemotion (instagram)